Matt Wilhelm’s Pro Bike Show Assembly

Be Someone’s Batman!
Matt Wilhelm brought his high energy pro bike show to Riverdale Elementary on October 22, 2015.  Matt has has been a contestant on America’s Got Talent and he has earned gold medals at the X Games.  Check out more about his story and accomplishments at

Matt performed amazing bike tricks that got teachers and students cheering.  He climbed a wall like Spiderman.  He performed the fastest bike spins in the world.  And he even jumped over some teachers and the principal on his bike!  Matt told us about how it took him weeks to learn his first bike trick and then years to learn his most dangerous tricks.  His message was NEVER GIVE UP!  

Matt also shared about how he felt when he was picked on and how it made a big difference when other children helped him.  It felt like they were his superheroes for standing up for him!  He told students that they can be someone’s batman just by being a friend and looking out for each other!  

Thank you to Matt Wilhelm for being a role model and showing Riverdale Elementary all of your cool stunts and tricks.  

To see videos of Matt at Riverdale Elementary click on these links  1) Assembly Tricks   2) Assembly Jump

Photos:  Left:  5th Grade student Aly Carpenter learns a BMX bike trick during the assembly. Right:  4th Grade student Jake Willems learns a BMX bike trick during the assembly.  

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